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We believe that each and every couple has a unique story to share with the world, and we want to make sure that your story is told in the most personalized way possible.

Maybe your story is a dance that is intimate and emotional -- a slow dance where you hold each other and end with a passionate kiss on a dip!

Maybe you're the couple who are known for being goofy and silly -- the ones who want to surprise your guests with a flashmob of "Crazy in Love" and "Baby, One More Time".

Or perhaps you are the couple who wants to bring back "Dirty Dancing" complete with a lifts and spins!

Whatever your relationship or personalities, we can bring that to life in your first dance as a couple and share that story with your guests -- or even the world (thanks, Youtube)!

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Not sure what your story is?  That's okay -- we can help you figure it out!  Contact us today to start writing it together!

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